A long, thankful weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend has been a great mini-vacation and didn’t even seem to go by too fast.  Some highlights…

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  Video chatting with the Scott family.  Cooking mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberries to bring to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends.

Our friends Sarah (far left) and Tim (far right) hosted us for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Wearing our Thanksgiving sweaters. 😉

The day after Thanksgiving, we went out and bought our Christmas tree first thing in the morning.  As this was the first time we had put up a tree on our own, it was quite an ordeal.  We carried the tree for the 6 block walk home.  Then, we didn’t have the right size tree stand and spent time trying to shave down the trunk of the tree (with a kitchen knife as neither of us owns a saw.  Hilarious.).  After that didn’t work, we went back to the store and bought a bigger stand.  After all of that work, we finally got it up and it looks perfect.  I think we learned some lessons.  🙂

Decorating the tree while having a party of meats, cheeses, and champagne. And listening to Motown Christmas.

The finished product!

During the day on Friday, we met up with friends at the Chicago Christkindl Market, an old-world German Christmas market with plenty of delicious food and drink.  I love the Christkindl, but it was freezing cold.

Gluhwein in a boot. Hot and tasty on a cold day.

On Saturday, we ran the 5K Ugly Holiday Sweater run in Lincoln Park.  It was 27 degrees outside, but we did it!  It didn’t hurt that the race organizers plied us with free Sam Adams Winter Lager before and after the race.

Lining up to start the run.

Wish I had thought about getting a fleece onesie.

Gorgeous holiday sweaters.

So many activities in one weekend and it’s not over yet!  Today, we’re going to a movie and making salmon-crab cakes for dinner.  And maybe, Kris might even let me watch another Christmas movie.  😉  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends!

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1 Response to A long, thankful weekend

  1. tango6477 says:

    What a beautiful tree, Kelly and Kris! I can’t believe you carried it six blocks! I would like some of that brie, please!

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