My first half century and Cleveland rocks!

A couple weeks back my friend and I accomplished one of the most grueling events of my life – half century charity bike ride through the Berkshires of MA. It all started while drinking at our favorite brewpub Goose Island. My friend, knowing I have wanted to do a bike race, asked if I wanted to go.

When he mentioned MA, I mapped it and when I saw below my first reaction was heck no. He wanted to drive to MA from Chicago!!!!


But after thinking about if for a few days, something clicked where I said you know what, it’s for a great cause so let’s do it and I signed up! My friend and I decided to make a long weekend of it, taking Friday off (We drove straight leaving chi town at 5am) and to break up the drive coming back from MA to stop in Cleveland Ohio for the night. To reward ourselves we would go to the Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills football game and tailgate properly prior with all the well renowned Cleveland hooligan fans in the Muni Lot.

Start of the race


Few pics of the ride on the bike:





They had a few checkpoints along the path to refuel with food and energy. After the second checkpoint and the last before the finish we were already 30 miles in and were feeling the burn. But we hadn’t even hit the major hills until this last leg. We powered through it and after around 4:30hrs we crossed the finish line exhausted yet quite happy to achieve our goal!


I am happy that we did this and it’s such a good cause that my friend and I have decided to do more of these rides locally but also plan to make this one big trip every year for the MS ride in the Berkshires. Maybe we can recruit more to come along next year!

We left for Cleveland and had a fun time tailgating the next day at the Muni lot.


We got a lot of weird looks with our bikes on the top of the car but people were very nice want to hear our crazy story. It was a good that we bought the American Flag. It elevated the tailgate 🙂






Overall what a crazy random weekend with great stories and experiences. Even though I was exhausted for the next week it was well worth it!


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1 Response to My first half century and Cleveland rocks!

  1. tango6477 says:

    What a great adventure, Kris! Ken says you did a great job supporting AJ and the cause and he thought the bikes and flag on the van must have been a great conversation starter at the tailgate!

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