Beaune Vivants!

After the rush of two major European cities, arriving in a sunny, warm, small town in the Burgundy region of France was such a nice change of pace. Our time in Beaune was the highlight of the trip for me for many reasons. First, it was absolutely beautiful. The town and the surrounding areas were all stunning. Second, we were finally able to spend time with Sophie in France! And, finally, because Sophie spoke French on our behalf the whole weekend, we totally relaxed.

We had some of the best food in Beaune. We had long, four course dinners complete with aperitifs, wine, cheese plates, and dessert. One of the restaurants was just outside of town, on top of a hill overlooking the town. It was the perfect atmosphere. Kris and I were able to try specialties of the region including escargot, coq au vin, boeuf borgogne and an aperitif called kir.

The best day of the trip for me was renting bicycles Saturday morning in town and biking all day through gorgeous vineyards, through different small villages, tasting wine, and enjoying a long, delicious lunch together with Sophie. We had so much fun in the sun that day that we picked up cheeses and bread once we got back to Beaune and sat in the town square with a bottle of wine that we bought earlier in the day. It was the best.

Right before leaving Beaune, Sophie drove us out to La Rochepot castle which was a medieval castle situated high atop a hill. We had to enter the castle via drawbridge and then knock on the castle door three times before being let in. Ha! It was so fun to hang out with Sophie and it was just a perfect weekend. We were all sad to say goodbye, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see her again.

On the outside of Beaune

In the city center

ESCARGOTS! They were delicious – helps with lots of butter and pesto!

Lots of cheese

Beaune Vineyards!

Bike riding in the vineyards was so much fun. One of the prettiest rides I have ever done.

Close up of the grapes. We stopped and tried some straight off the vine. Sweetest grapes I have ever had!

Mersault Wine Cave – endless barrels of wine

Impromptu picnic in the middle of Beaune city center – cheese, bread and wine. Delicious!

La Rochepot Castle. Beautiful – we def. dont have these in America! They seem to be everywhere in France!


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