Chi-Town’s finest across the pond

About a year ago, Kelly and I had discussed the possibility of going to Europe. I’ve tried to follow my mom’s advice – try to travel and do a big trip every year. I’ve kind of missed that boat a couple of years so why not start fresh in 2012. So it all became reality when Kelly and I decided to book our flights to London and France (Paris, Beaune, and Avignon Provence).

Arriving in London was a bit of nostalgia for me as I lived in England for a 1.5 years to go to grad school. I lived up in the northern part of England, Manchester, but it was interesting to reminisce the British accents, double decker buses, Tesco & Mark and Spencer’s, the Underground (or the Tube) and quite frankly how international London and the UK really is.

We were fortunate enough to stay with my cousin who lived in the Shoreditch area (east part of London). He recently moved from NY to be the head of the London office for his research agency he has been working at for years. It was nice to spend time with family but also show us some sights. It was Kelly’s first time in London and we only had a few days before we were off to Paris so we did a whirlwind tour of London.

Here are some highlights:

The City of London crest.


Channel 4 News created a statue for the Para-Olympics 2012 Games


Tower Bridge with the Para-Olympics 2012 logo.


Creepy mascots for the Olympic Games. They were everywhere in the city in various looks and themes.


From our tour bus. Square where you can see Big Ben and the London Eye. Great way of seeing London and going to all the major attractions.


For Harry Potter fans- Platform 9 3/4. King’s Cross station


The bridge in London that Lord Voldemort and his goons terrorized in the movie, the Deathly Hallows.


Having a pint and some chips. When in London!


Although it was a pretty quick stay in London, we had a very great time and we were thinking we could live in London eventually. Someday…

We are looking forward to taking the Eurostar under the English channel to the land of cheese, wine and baguettes! Vive La France!


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2 Responses to Chi-Town’s finest across the pond

  1. tango6477 says:

    What a great idea to travel and take a big trip every year! Terrific photos!

  2. Laura says:

    That looks like such a fun trip!! Love all the pics!

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