My burfday and a small town shindig

This past week was pretty amazing. This summer has also been amazing but my 28th birthday is one for the books thanks in due part to Kelly and my Chi city friends.

Last Thursday, despite having to work on my bday, turned out to be pretty memorable. Kelly first surprises me with breakfast and showered me with gifts (the Flavor Bible for cooking, and a NEW Fossil watch, which I have been wanting to buy for awhile). My coworkers took me out to lunch to celebrate the bday with some fantastic Italian food and ending with 4 desserts to share. And to top off the bday, Kelly took me to grab some great seafood in a basement with some close friends at Half Shell. Safe to say the next day was pretty rough at work but it was well worth it.

Here are some pics:

Half Shell’s Crab combo was delicious!


On Saturday, we went to the Gentleman of the Road tour/festival headlined by Mumford & Sons. Basically they have been traveling the nation taking over small towns and throwing one big all day shindig. It was one of the most chill festivals I got to enjoy and Mumford & Sons rocked the house with some amazing weather and a beautiful night sky.



Goose island even brewed a batch specially for the festival- Stopover Ale



Mumford & Sons.


It’s been an amazing summer and we still have a few more weeks to enjoy. And we are going to Europe soon! Woot!

– Kris

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1 Response to My burfday and a small town shindig

  1. Laura says:

    Yay! Glad you had a good b-day. That crab looks amazing! Birthdays are the best days ever!

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