Pie Joust 2012

This past weekend Kelly and I participated in the 1st Annual Pie Joust at Kate and Paul’s house. The event was in spirit of the Olympics where we all picked a country to represent – I chose Panama since the flag was the easiest for me to make with markers and Kelly choosing Lebanon since she likes trees.

The event summary: It’s a combination of bikes and whip cream in pie plates – where two people charge each other trying to get the most whip cream into their opponent’s face.

Here were the official rules:

+ Winning a joust: The person who delivers more pie (whip cream) to the face of their opponent wins. More pie (whip cream) on the face of your opponent, more mess, you win. It’s that simple.
+ Ties will be re-jousted with the same two participants (ex. neither participant successfully gets pie on their opponent).

Safe to say we had a great time. Kelly did not participate as she was the photographer for the event. I was peer pressured into participation but it turned out being really fun, despite smelling of rancid milk šŸ™‚

Some pics:

Olympic crest of the pie joust games 2012.


The bracket of the joust games.


Pie joust action shot.


The outcome.


The aftermath.



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1 Response to Pie Joust 2012

  1. tango6477 says:

    Looks like a great time! Glad to see you are out riding your bikes!

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