Birthday fun in upstate New York!

Hello!  Kris has been awesome at keeping this blog up, but I have not.  I thought I needed to step up my blog game.  This past weekend, we flew to Albany, NY for a long weekend with my family and some friends.  It was the best possible way to spend my birthday.  It was beautiful weather and relaxing.  Ken & Greta were excellent hosts, as always.  Some highlights from the weekend:

After a lovely morning hanging out in the shed and touring “the grounds” at Casa de Scott, Greta, Kris and I drove up to Saratoga Springs, NY to make a stop at the Saratoga Race Track.  We only bet on two races, but Greta won!  $3!  🙂

ImageBelow are the picnic grounds at the Racetrack.  They are really pretty.

ImageAfter the racetrack, we met up with Ken in the town for some drinks at the Parting Glass, followed by an awesome fried chicken dinner at Hattie’s, a Saratoga institution!  It was a great restaurant and such a fun atmosphere!  Greta surprised me by having the waitresses sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.



After dinner, Kris and I said goodbye to Ken & Greta and drove down to Albany to meet up with some wonderful friends of mine from time working in Albany.  We went to the City Beer Hall and enjoyed a great rooftop patio, all the free pizza you could dream of, and a mechanical bull!  Kris was so brave and rode the bull, staying on a full 5 seconds.  🙂  It’s harder than it looks.  I don’t have a photo of him, but I’ll post a photo of our friend Scott on the bull.


On Saturday morning, Greta & I went to get massages.  That was the best!  Kris and Ken played basketball and got ready for the birthday BBQ.  My grandparents, Aunt Iris, and my cousin Ashley were over and our friend Cheryl.  We played horsehoes, ate a feast of delicious food and Kris surprised me with an awesome ice cream birthday cake. 



The next morning, we had to wake up VERY early to get Kris on a plane, but I stayed an extra day to see some friends.  And, I was able to watch the finale of my guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, with my friend Megan.  We always text each other during this ridiculous show, so it was so fun to hang out and watch it together and laugh at ourselves.  BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.  Thanks so much to Kris, Ken, and Greta and the rest of my family and friends for making it such a great weekend.  🙂 

I’ll leave you with a photo of the dramatic heartbreak that took place on The Bachelorette.  Haha


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1 Response to Birthday fun in upstate New York!

  1. tango6477 says:

    Your pictures are so great, I felt like I was reliving your wonderful visit all over again! That chicken looks delicious! So does that ice cream cake! Love, Mom

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