A Modern Take on Traditional Music

After going to a few concerts at the tail end of last year, Kelly and I have been making a better effort to watch more live music shows. Last night we happened to a bluegrass/folk music extravaganza  that blew our minds. The 2 opening acts – Bhi Bhiman and Po’ Girl – set the perfect stage for the Carolina Chocolate Drops to take it home. I highly recommend checking these three artists out.

Bhi Bhiman – http://www.bhibhiman.com/

Po’ Girl – http://www.pogirl.net/index_brick.php

Carolina Chocolate Drop – http://www.carolinachocolatedrops.com/


Carolina Chocolate Drops stole the show. I was just amazed at the pure sound/voice of every artist, the various instruments they used (they played with bones and even a jug) and the energy they brought to the show (they def. got everyone in the venue to dance). 

During the show, Kelly mentioned about all the good “underground” bands they we could be missing out on since we are not “in the know/scene” So its good that we do have some friends who know all of these indie type bands and we’ll watch all these amazing bands!

What a great night!


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1 Response to A Modern Take on Traditional Music

  1. tango6477 says:

    You’ll have to tell Grandpa, he loves bluegrass music! It sounds like you had a fun weekend!

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