Victory in Chi-town



Yes, we haven’t blogged for the majority of the summer.  Well, it was busy and it was sunny and warm and as Greta reminded us this weekend, “You didn’t have time to blog about life because you were busy living it.”  So wise.  🙂

However, Gretabear (aka Kelly’s mom, author of the blog “I Think Victory, I Get Victory”) was in Chicago this weekend, and that deserves a post. 

She loved the zoo, she cooked us Chicken Divan, we tried a few new restaurants, we walked the lakefront, and chatted.  It was lovely.  We miss you, Greta!  Come back and visit soon!

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4 Responses to Victory in Chi-town

  1. tango6477 says:

    Victory in Chi-town…now that is a great headline! Thank you both for being such wonderful hosts, I had a fantastic time, and I miss you both already too! I loved every minute of it! I’m enjoying these photos, too. Take care and have a great week! Love, Gretabear

  2. Ken says:

    Another major victory for Greta indeed! Beautiful photos. Gretabear returned home a very happybear. See you two soon here back east for some late season shed time. Kendad

  3. tango6477 says:

    Hi Kris and Kelly,

    Would you send these two photos to me? I think they are the only two I don’t have. I’d like to use one of them for a new profile photo.

    Thank you! I will miss your fantastic Farmers Market today! That smoothie was awesome! How were the elk burgers?

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