Chi Town’s Finest Meets Top Chef

Last Friday, Kelly and I had a much needed date night after entertaining friends for the past few weeks. Needed some alone time together. We started the night having some predrinks on the rooftop at Pegasus in Greektown. A little windy but great view of the city.

Now on to our dinner at the Girl and the Goat. This restaurant is all the rage now as its being run by Stephanie Izard, the winner of Top Chef Chicago, a couple of seasons ago. I even had to make reservations four months in advance. I know, FOUR months! And it was for a 9:15pm time slot. Safe to say we had a more than a few drinks at Pegasus.

At 9:15pm, we walk into a crazy bustling restaurant – very nice decor and very excited to try some great food. The Girl and the Goat are known for their small plates so we ended up sharing a few courses.

We both loved the goat illustration on the serviette ring.

First Course: Raw Oysters - raw shibumi . radish mignonette . tarragon.

Second Course: Goat - confit goat belly . bourbon butter . lobster n' crab . fennel.

Third Course: Chickpea - chickpeas fritters . romesco . hazelnut hummus . sesame . goat feta.

Fourth Course: Pig Face - wood oven roasted pig face . sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . potato stix.

Out of all the courses we loved the Chickpea fritters. The dinner was spectacular but probably not enough for a four month in advance reservation. I guess its the “in” restaurant at the moment – we might be back once the craze dies down in the future! Great, much needed date night with good convo and great food!

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2 Responses to Chi Town’s Finest Meets Top Chef

  1. Kelly says:

    Aww, love you boo. Nice post. Mmm… chickpea fritters and oysters…mmmm.

  2. tango6477 says:

    A four-course meal? Wow. I’ve never heard of confit goat belly, but all of the food here looks really tasty!

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