Enjoying those Moments…

Even when Life seems to be “kicking you ass” or not going your way, there are still moments that bring a smile to your face. Last night was definitely one of those moments. After a nice dinner, Kelly and I wanted to enjoy the nice summer weather (Yes, we are finally experiencing weather other than cold/rain) and decided to take a walk around the Lake. What a beautiful night!

After our walk, we went to get some gelato and sit in a nice square in the middle of “The Triangle.” It was a perfect moment with Kelly – delicious gelato, great company, and great conversation. Reminded me of sitting in random squares in Europe.

The Square in the Triangle

Will try to have more of these moments as the weather gets nicer here in Chicago!

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1 Response to Enjoying those Moments…

  1. tango6477 says:

    Beautiful photo, Kris. When Kelly said you went out for gelato, I pictured an ice cream stand! I’m glad you had a nice evening out.

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