San Francisco in the Chi

Kris and I are coming down off of a fantastic, extra-long weekend in Chicago, spent with none other than Hottest Couple Ever.  It was so, so, so fun to have my bestie around and for all of us to hang out together.  And, boy, guess what happens when Chi-town’s Finest and Hottest Couple Ever get together?  An EXPLOSION of fun!!

Our first stop was at The Bean because it is Laura’s favorite thing in Chicago besides me.

We also ate a lot.  A lot, a lot.  This sandwich is called Three Little Piggies and it is filled with ham, bacon, breaded pork loin, fried egg, and gruyere.  Also, it’s famous because Anthony Bourdain ate it and declared it to be the “Best Sandwich in the U.S.”  It was pretty tasty and the restaurant was in an old train car, which was pretty neat, too.

Garrett’s Popcorn is a big deal here in Chicago.  We waited in line and ordered a bucket of popcorn this big.

To counterbalance all of the food we ate, we all worked out together.   I know, super cool, right?  Rome suckered Laura and Kris into doing an intense crossfit workout.  I was, um, really too focused on lifting my 5-lb weights to join them.  Kris was really sweaty, but so strong!  Haha.

On Memorial Day, the temperature was a steamy 90 degrees!  So, we spent the early afternoon at the beach with an exceptional view of the Chicago skyline.

One of mine and Laura’s good friends from SF, Beth, now lives in Chicago with her beautiful family.  It was so great for us all to be able to hang out together and play with her kiddos!  My, how things have changed since 2007!  Haha.  😉

This is only a small sampling of all of the fun times we had during their visit.  However, my favorite moment was being in pajamas and watching The Bachelorette with Laura and yelling and laughing at the ridiculousness.  Come back and visit us again, Hottest Couple Ever!

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3 Responses to San Francisco in the Chi

  1. Laura and Rome says:

    Thanks so much Chi-Town’s Finest! We had a wonderful time with you guys, and if you think that was fun, just wait ’till we all get to step out AGAIN in San Francisco this August! 🙂


  2. tango6477 says:

    That Bean looks really heavy, Kelly and Laura! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ken says:

    Explosion of FUN, Hottest Couple Ever, Kelly n the Bean are Laura’s 2 favorite things in Chi-town; in that order! WOW!! You guys know how to make the rest of us feel like the most boring people on earth. 🙂 Seems strange to see a beach scene with the Chicago skyline behind you. Seems like only yesterday blizzards were coming off that lake! Way to have an awesome weekend, all of you.

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