Sweet Home Albaaannnnyyy

Recently, Kelly and I went back to her hometown in Upstate New York for a wedding and a quick visit to her country roots. It was my first time in the Albany area and I had such a great time with Kelly’s friends and her family. Albany is such a beautiful city and the smaller towns of Castleton-on-Hudson (where Kelly’s parents currently live) and Mechanicville (where Kelly grew up) were nestled in dense forests and tons of wildlife. I mean, I saw deer on the side of the road while driving around!

Here are a few photos of where Ken & Greta currently live in Castleton-on-Hudson, a beautiful house with lots of space, an interesting shed for afternoon siestas, and a barn. Yes, a big red BARN – for shindigs. Oh and they live across the street from Boo Radley’s house (last picture). Scary!

We also spent some time  in Mechanicville, where Kelly originally grew up. Some highlights: Bubbles Restaurant for amazing raspberry/coffee swirl ice cream, Kelly’s middle school, and the original house where Kelly grew up.  We ended up having dinner with Ivy, Lee, Iris and Ashley at the Outback! Awesome Onion blossom time!

Kelly's original casa!

The first night, we spent time with Kelly’s old friends and co-workers to get myself acclimated to the area. After a delicious dinner at Dinosaur BBQ with Diane and Mike, we went into the downtown of Albany for some fun times with Kelly’s former co-workers and friends. It all started with sippin on some martinis at Elda’s to drinking some wine at a cool wine bar to going back to Elda’s for some karaoke. Definitely a night to remember! Thanks for the fun times – Megan, Sarah, Scott and Adam!

So the main reason we came to Albany was for the wedding of Ashley and Sean. What a beautiful wedding! We sat with Megan, Sarah and Scott and also the Mayor of Albany. Yes, the MAYOR OF ALBANY. And he knew Kelly! We are big time – he even said he wanted to take me to a steak dinner at Prime in Albany and that we would go out in Chi-town. Will take you up on that offer Mayor Jennings – we’ll call up Rahm and make it a night out.

We clean up real well!

Big time with the Mayor of Albany!

The girls with the beautiful bride, Ashley!

All in all a great time “in the country”, hanging out with Ken and Greta and getting to know Kelly’s roots.

I leave you with an awesome picture of Kelly and Aaron (Sorry – had to post this cute baby picture)

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3 Responses to Sweet Home Albaaannnnyyy

  1. tango6477 says:

    I love this post! It was wonderful to see you guys! These are great photos. I am on my way out to the shed as we speak, to enjoy the good weather. Come back soon!

  2. Aaron says:

    Oh man, check out baby Aaron! I always was the cutest. Glad you two had such a great time!!!

  3. Ken says:

    The crew here in Scotland loved seeing your last post and your blog. Thanks for all the appreciations and positive observations Kris! And couldn’t agree more – K & A were real cuties!! Thanks for sharing that photie too! 🙂 Ken

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