I’m sitting here next to my sports-obsessed boyfriend while watching Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  It’s the end of the 3rd quarter and the Bulls are beating the Miami Heat by almost ten points, but it’s been a close game the entire time.  Right now, I’m almost half expecting the neighbors to come banging on the door telling us to quiet down.  Because… Kristopher Tan is really loud when it comes to watching games that he cares about.  His laugh is the loudest laugh I’ve ever heard, his “YEAH!!!  GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!” are the loudest I have ever heard.  Somehow, even when he claps, it is the loudest clap I have ever heard, haha.

But, I am loving it and it’s really fun to watch this game with him.  I am not usually the sort of  person who gets really excited about watching sports on TV, but I am tonight.  I love an underdog.  And, while the Chicago Bulls can’t exactly be considered an underdog, they are not LeBron James and his smug little grin.  And, Chicago deserves to win this series because they are more than just three star players!!  And, wouldn’t it be awesome if they went to the Championship while we lived here… yes, it would.

Have a great week everyone!  GO BULLS!!!!!

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2 Responses to D-ROSE!!

  1. Celtic Daddy-O says:

    What an exciting entry for me to read. Kelly sounds like such a savvy NBA playoff observer and proud Bulls fan. Kris is ramping up his animated viewing for these big games. Talking trash at the TV is a page right out of my book. A riot might break out if you put us both in the same room for one of these games cuz I’m jumping on the Bulls bandwagon now that my gang green is gone. LBJ must go! See Red!!!

  2. tango6477 says:

    It sounds like Kris and Dad would enjoy watching a game together, maybe on the big screen TVs at My Place. I think it would be good for Dad! I wish I could get myself to pay attention to a game like you do Kelly! My mind wanders!

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