Back at it!

Did you miss us??  I think it’s safe to declare winter *finally* over!  Spring has sprung, and provided Kris and I with lots of new adventures to blog about!  To catch us up a little bit, here are some highlights:

1.  Our friend Patrick was visiting from SF and forced us to show him a trendy, hip Chicago restaurant.  Fiiiiine.  😉  We all went to a place called Avec and, among several other dishes, ordered a half of an entire foie gras.  YUM!  Now, it’s all Kris can think about every time he sees a duck.

2.  That same beautiful 75-degree night, we took Patrick to a piano bar where we spotted That Guy sporting a really, really fashionable Ed Hardy BUTTON-DOWN shirt.  How could you not take a photo of that beauty??

3.  Kris and I have started walking all over town again.  On this particular day, it was warm, both sunny and foggy, which made for a cool photo of the Trump Tower.  We ended up walking about 10 miles this day.

4.  On that same walk, we ran into a big march of several different unions, all protesting the events taking place up in Wisconsin.  UNITE!!

5.  Another random 80-degree day.  We spent it on the beach near our apartment.  It was HOT outside, but Lake Michigan was still freezing!

6.  Took a bus down to Obama’s neck of the woods, and wandered around Hyde Park and the University of Chicago.  What an incredible neighborhood.  We found a great ice cream/coffee shop to take a break at.

7.  Kris got me to try Ethiopian food again (first time since 2002!).  The first time, I wasn’t too impressed.  But, now I am in love!  It was so delicious.

8.  Grabbing some cocktails outside in Wicker Park at a place called The Southern.

9.  Kris was such a good sport and woke up to watch the Royal Wedding with me.  We made pancakes, egg scramble, and mimosas.  I’m pretty sure it was only the mimosas keeping him up that morning.  Haha.

See you soon!

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1 Response to Back at it!

  1. tango6477 says:

    This is very exciting to read! After following your adventure I feel like I have walked 10 miles with you and am really full from looking at all that delicious food! It would be worth getting up early just to eat the Royal Wedding breakfast! I have a new respect for how you get all those pictures up there — that’s really fun to follow!

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