Lions, Tigers and……(Sadly, there were no Bears as they were probably hibernating): A Visit to our local Zoo.

I can’t remember the last time it was this sunny in Chicago. Granted, today was still freezing but I’ll take the nice sun and a clear day whenever I can get it.

So Kelly and I decided to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the day. Recommended by a friend, it’s one of the oldest zoos in the nation, boasting 1250 animals from kangaroos to jaguars to polar bear. And the best part is it’s FREE. Plus it’s right next to where we live.

I was a bit skeptical – a free zoo? I expected some janky, rundown place, but I was amazed at how well-kept this zoo was.  They had entire exhibits for monkeys/apes, big Cats, gorillas, rhinos, African animals, birds and reptiles.

Here are a few pics of some of the animals we saw:

An array of animals on our visit to the zoo

It was also nice to see lots of people out and about as well – really looking forward to warm days ahead.

After the zoo, we decided to walk around the Lincoln Park area. After a long day of being outside and enjoying the day, we ended up rewarding ourselves with some burgers and beer at Burger Bar at North Clybourn. WOW. This place has the best burgers. Kelly ordered this spicy burger and I ended up ordering their special Elk Meat Burger with a side of sweet potato tots. YES – TOTS made out of Sweet potato. And I end the blog with a mouth watering photo of their special Elk Burger from Burger Bar:

The Elk Burger at Burger Bar Chicago - carmelized onions, chipotle sauce and andouille sausage on top.

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