And the Oscar goes to…

Hello internetz!  I first want to thank all of my amazing friends in the San Francisco Bay for a visit full of sushi, laughs, beautiful views of the ocean, more sushi, more laughs, and more sushi.  YUM.  Thanks to HCE for hosting the best YouTube video/Wii party complete with ice cream sandwiches and popcorn!   See below…

Wii and chicken tenders!

And the rain broke long enough to enjoy a hike around Lands End with bestie, LRK.  Thanks for the laughs, friend.  😉Well, I came back from a beautiful visit in SF and Kris’ days of non-stop ESPN, meat, and lazing around came to end, hehe.  We’ve had a great weekend out and about.  On Friday, Kris and I met after work for cocktails on a cozy little couch, in a cozy little nook at Gilt Bar.  After cocktails, we went to Zocalo, a Mexican restaurant and TEQUILA BAR!  When in Rome… try a flight of tequila!  Whoa.

Obviously, we had a slow morning on Saturday, but in the afternoon, we met up with some of Kris’ extended family for dim sum in Chinatown.  So great to meet them and we had such a good time together.  They were showing us photos of their recent trip to the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios… now, I am dying to go, haha.  It looks so fun!!

On Sunday, I had the great fortune of meeting up with my good friend Kate Floyd and another gal to experience something that is known as Dance, Dance, Party, Party… a solid 60 minutes of unabashed, judgment-free dancing.  I am now officially a DDPP enthusiast!

And tonight, Kristopher and I are wrapping up this lovely weekend with a fancy feast of cheeses, bread, olives, and other yummy snacks while we watch the Oscars, and pass judgment on all of the celebrities.  😉   Have a great week everyone!

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