Keeping up a Blog is hard stuff…

Being in the advertising industry, it’s part of my job to recommend best practices to our clients. For example, when a client requests to have a blog added to their site, it’s always a best practice to have a person committed to updating the blog on a regular basis. If not, why have a blog in the first place.

Well I shall heed my own advice and attempt to update a little bit more frequently for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

After being in SF for almost two weeks on business, I wanted to spend some quality time with my “boo thang.” We had a weekend of fun planned with friends, but first we needed to put together our dining room table. For those who didn’t know, since moving to Chi town we have eaten on our floor, multiple moving boxes and our coffee table while searching for the perfect dining table. We finally found a classy looking counter-height table with four chairs. After Kelly put together the main table during the week and after struggling a bit with the screws on the four chairs, our beautiful table is now erect and we enjoy eating lots of chips and salsa on it.

Later that night, we had plans to meet with our friends Kate and Paul for dinner. Through a random airport reunion of summer Christian camp buddies, Kate and Kelly… K& P have quickly become our favorite foodie, new-restaurant, explore-Chicago-food-scene couple to hang out with. We also agreed during the dinner that while we should branch out and try spots that don’t just involve food, what a great way to explore a city! Plus, it is a little too cold to do anything outside and what’s more fun then drinking and eating with cool peoples. On Saturday, they chose Fountainhead in Lakeview – the Purveyor of Fine Food and Drink.

The highlight at The Fountainhead is their massive list of beers and scotches. The girls ordered burgers but I decided to be adventurous and order their Mac & Cheese with duck confit. Absolutely amazing! We also had their highly Yelp recommended monkey bread. Think of the greatest stuffing you ever had during Thanksgiving, molded into a muffin shape and have the hard crispy muffin top with a side of gravy. Yum! Highly recommended.

Sunday brought Superbowl night – Go Pack Go vs. Black N Yellow. Not too excited about the matchup being a Niners fan – no true Niners fan can forget the Brett Favre years of heartbreak losing in the NFC championships. And of course I didn’t want the Steelers to win because of Ben Roethlisberger. Enough said. Anyway, we were meeting up with some friends at an All-Packers bar called The Spot. This is what I find interesting about Chicago – you will find bar/spots around the area dedicated to various sports team as people in the Midwest love their allegiances. Here is quick summary of the night: Pints of Miller draft, steak tater tot nachos (yes, this is not a typo – what a glorious invention. Why use chips when you can use tater tots), fried cheese curds, shots every time GB scored, polka dancing with the servers after a GB score, 2-for-1 shots at half, GB Super Bowl win celebration, crazy fans at the bar, and finally, the Lambeau Leap, Chicago style.

Great weekend in Chicago. More to come from Kelly and I….

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